Willem’s Challenge

Within Redeemer we have a wide variety of people, from different nations, different backgrounds and different opportunities. God brings us together to be one family!
Willem Hennevelt, you may have seen him, wearing his wide hat, is one of them.
What some of you may not know, is that Willem is homeless but has a big dream, restoring an Swedish old pilot sloop. Living without facilities, working hard to restore the sloop back into usability.

The way ahead for Willem is to strengthen the structure with recycled HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene).

For the outworking of this plan Willem will need a lot of HDPE, a plastic widely used in containers, like milk, shampoo’s etc. (at least 10 kg = app. 250 milk jugs!). Since he is not able to collect enough material by himself, he requests our help in collecting HDPE.  We all come a across this material, probably not recognizing its recycling abilities and disposing this all with our waste materials. Would we stand behind Willem in his challenge and take part in collecting our HDPE containers and passing these on to Willem. Are you willing to participate in this project, please start to collect this material. You are able to recognize the material, with a HDPE2 logo (triangle with number 2) often at the bottom of the jug.HDPE2

As Redeemerchurch we will collect the materials Sunday 10 January. Please rinse/clean them before bringing them to church.

To see Willem on national television, click here.