What is Next?

Over the last weeks we have spoken about being a gospel-centred and multiplying church. In the years ahead we believe that it is God’s plan to multiply what is happening in Redeemer into other parts of The Hague, the surrounding cities and further afield. With that in mind, it might have come as a surprise that we think it is right to stop the evening meeting as we know it.

Why would we do that? First, we need to emphasise that we have not stopped the evening meeting because it was not good. We love what God has brought us during our evening meetings: new people, healings, baptisms, and freedom as well as intimacy in worship. It truly has been brilliant and we are thankful to God and those of you who have been part of the meetings. We could, however, not help but notice that building community and growing serving teams has not been easy.

At first we thought that some quick readjustments from a small team would be the way forward. Over the last months, however, some wise and inspiring church leaders have visited and one of them advised us “to multiply out of abundance and strength.” This advice stayed with us and helped shape our plan to regroup by bringing the relatively small evening community back into the morning crowd. From there, as one church community, in abundance and strength, we now get to ask God together: what is next?

In short, whether Redeemer’s next multiplication is into Delft, Rotterdam, Brussels or an evening service 2.0 in the city centre of The Hague, is still open. We don’t know, but let’s seek God! Prayer will be important especially in this multiplication season: we will be creating more opportunities for us a church to pray together. Stay tuned for dates and times!

The summer period is upon us and this means that life in Redeemer will slow down as many people take some time out to be with family, friends or travel the world. Life Groups will also have their breaks from half July to end of August. A great way to stay connected is to keep an eye on Redeemer’s new website and Facebook-page which will show you the summery events and parties organised by other Redeemerites. Let’s invite one another for as many drinks, barbecues, beach trips we can squeeze into one summer and keep an eye out for new faces visiting our great church!