Redeemer International Church was started in 2010 when a small group of people began to meet on a Sunday in The Hague. We are passionate about seeing people in the Hague and beyond reached with the Gospel.



Everything we are as a church and as believers is centred on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It shapes how we read the Bible, how we live and how we speak about things.

Gospel centred

  • We celebrate that we are redeemed by Jesus’s death and resurrection.
  • We believe that only the gospel is the power to save. The central message of the Bible.
  • We see the gospel as the foundation for our worship, community, and outreach.

Bible based (with reformed roots)

  • We believe in the Bible. All of it. And we love doctrine.
  • We are saved through faith. Not by works, but by God’s sovereign grace.
  • We live to bring glory to God and to enjoy him forever.

Charismatic convictions

  • We love to encounter God.
  • We believe the Spirit empowers us to live the life of God now.
  • We eagerly desire spiritual gifts.

Missional mindset (for apostolic advance)

  • We believe the church exists to show Jesus to the world.
  • We love our neighbours.
  • We are all on a mission to share the gospel. At home, at school, at work, wherever.


For more information about Redeemer, we encourage you to join the Redeemer Membership Course. This is the place to hear about what we believe God’s great redemption story is, how Redeemer came to be, what our hopes and dreams are, and what it looks like to be a member of our community. And, it provides us with an opportunity to get to know you and your story. For more information about the membership course, please click the button: