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“Enlarge the place of your tent… lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” These words in Isaiah 54:2 provide a helpful picture for our current season. Since the start of Redeemer, we have been dreaming and praying for a gospel centred church not only in The Hague but also in other cities. After months, even years of talking about multiplication and preparing the ‘tent’ for more people to be added to the family, the moment has now arrived. Redeemer is multiplying! As of this month we will be one church in multiple locations. Redeemer Delft is starting at the end of January, a team is beginning to gather in Maastricht, and the first people are moving to Brussels.

What does it mean that we have lengthened our cords and strengthened our stakes? In these next few posts we will update you, introduce friends, share plans and also ask you something.


Marinus and Eveline and kids are preparing to move to Brussels as soon as work and a house come together. This great couple has been part of our community for years. Marinus is part of our leadership team. And both have a desire to see Brussels impacted by the gospel. We have asked them to take the lead in gathering a team for this new endeavour of faith. Right from the start (read: as of this month) Josh and Archana will be first on the ground in Belgium’s capital and part of that starting team. Find out more and pray along for the Brussels church plant via Facebook.


On Redeemer’s Family Night Maarten was asked about his heart for a new church in Maastricht. He replied that Lise and himself would love to see a lively bible loving and Spirit filled church being established in that city. An international church for the Limburgers, the Dutch and all other nationalities in and around Maastricht. You are warmly invited to connect with Maarten and Lise as they now often visit Redeemer The Hague on Sundays. You are also welcome to come over to Maastricht for a visit, to consider joining the team and to pray for this new congregation.


Redeemer Delft will have its first Sunday meeting on 29 January 2017. About 50 people from Redeemer The Hague will make the jump to Delft to be part of the church there. Among them are Steven and Marjon, now in The Hague. They were asked: why moving on to Delft? Marjon shared from experience that they are not afraid to lose friends because of the change, as friendships continue, but are looking forward to meet new friends. Steven said that planting churches is God’s normal way of doing things. Seeing churches being established and the gospel at work in people’s lives is a real privilege.


Berlin is the latest on the list of cities. Pete and Sarah have just moved from East Grinstead (UK) to The Hague. They are on their way to the capital of Germany, but will spend a year with us first. The plan for this year is to get to know Redeemer, serve the church, gather a team and prepare for the church plant. Pete shared about his dreams for Berlin: a church planting church reaching the German speaking world, full of the Holy Spirit and the bible. And taking the gospel to the world of music and performing arts, and reaching out to orphans, Sarah added. You will get to know them this year!

The Hague

We asked John, Craig and Rachel about The Hague. John explained that God has provided for him a way to be committed in The Hague: he just received a permanent contract! Also Rachel mentioned that she feels a sense of calling to this city. Craig added that it is great to be part of a church with a mission. Not just a mission to go to other places but also to reach the city. Whether it is to your neighbours, reaching out to the girls in the red-light district, or painting someone’s house. We are all on the same mission, whether it is in Brussels, Maastricht, Delft, Berlin or The Hague. Where are you going?

The next post will be about being one church in multiple locations.