What are the implications on the Redeemer Staff Team of pursuing our vision?

As leaders in Redeemer we want to make sure that not only do we have clarity about the direction we are going, but we want to make sure that we see the right people in the right place, doing the right thing in terms of our Staff Team. Some of our staff positions are paid positions and some are staffed by volunteers or interns.

Our staff team serves two main functions:

  1. Help Redeemer run as smooth as possible so that we can fulfill the mission that God has called us to. We do not have a staff team so that they can do everything, but rather that they can do the right things to release many other volunteers in the life of the church.
  2. Create a Staff Team context that is the best possible place to help people grow into all that God has called them to be. We are convinced that God has called us to be a church where people come in and are well trained up with us as they spend time serving on Staff, whether in paid or unpaid positions. (We are in contact with a family who may well relocate to The Hague in the beginning of 2016 where would join the Staff Team with the aim of learning and growing in order to prepare for church planting at some stage).

Although interns are not paid a salary, they are paid a small allowance, and we invest in their training through attending the New Ground Academy, and some New Ground events in and out of the Netherlands.

As we have looked forward into the future that God has called us to, we have been looking at key areas that we need to invest in immediately. We have identified pastoral care, kids, youth and administration as key areas where we need to grow our leadership capacity.

Over the last few weeks we have had a number of very encouraging conversations with some great people and we are so pleased to make the following announcements about people who will either be joining us partially, or fully on staff:

Denise van Dorp

Overseeing kids work in Redeemer as an intern (next to her job) as we invest in her doing the New Ground Academy.

Pieter-Jan Boot

Full time staff member overseeing pastoral care, and picking up a number of other key leadership responsibilities in the church

Rhode Meijers

Intern working with youth work as we invest in her doing the New Ground Academy.