Growing Roots for Fruitfulness

Fruitfulness as a Christian is the natural process of good things that result from an ongoing relationship with Jesus. This fruit is about internal growth and maturity (eg. the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ in Gal 5:22-23) but it is also about the impact on others that the love and power of God has as it works through us. Being rooted in God through being rooted in prayer, the Bible, and Christian community (aka Church!) will mean that we will live fruitful lives.

Bible in One Year

Giving ourselves regularly (ideally daily!) to reading and applying His words in our lives is God’s will for us as Christians. This year we will be reading through the Bible together as a church. You can pick up your Bible reading plan at church or already download and/or print your own copy here by clicking the buttons.

Bible resources: Right Now Media

To complement and enhance our reading we will give everyone in Redeemer a subscription to a fantastic video based resource base of Bible Study material called Right Now Media that can be used individually and in small groups.

Discipleship groups

The Christian life is not lived alone. We need each other. Christian community (outside of our nuclear family) is primarily worked out in local churches. Within local churches there is a general commitment to community through embracing the fact that together we are Christ’s body. This plays out in a commitment to regular gathering on Sundays to worship God, listening to preaching from the Bible, prayer, sharing communion and enjoying relationship with each other. But it also plays out in the general ‘one anothering’ of the Christian life. This ‘one anothering’ is all about people who know you and people whom you know. It is about having open hearts and open lives with a small group of other people within the church with whom you can go deeper than with the bigger crowd. As we are going into 2022, we would love everyone in Redeemer to be in one of these ‘Discipleship Groups’. For some that group will already exist but for others who may not know where to start, we would like to help you find one / start one.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer is the engine room of our church. That’s why we want to gather often to reach out to God, pray for one another, our church, city, nation. Every weekday (Mon – Fri) from 08:00 we begin our day with Morning Prayer meetings on Zoom. And on Wednesday we meet in person for our Encounter Evenings at the Nieuwe Kerk at 20:00. You can find all the details via the sign-up link below and in our newsletters. If you are not receiving our newsletters, be sure to register your details, and don’t forget to tick the box to receive general emails.