Redeemer Vision

How will the vision of Redeemer as a multiplying church be fulfilled?

Our strategy for fulfilling this vision has two central components that are both important. One component is that we trust in God’s sovereignty, and the other component is that we take our responsibility seriously.

  1. The vision will be fulfilled because God is sovereign.

Ultimately it is God who saves people and transforms people. It is God who builds his church, and provides all that is needed to fulfil the vision he has given us. In fact, everything good that happens is of his grace and we can take no credit for ourselves.

This has a number of important implications:

  • It is God who works through us to accomplish all that he desires. The pressure is not on us to perform. What a relief!
  • We are a people characterized by prayer. Prayer is a wonderful outworking of our trust in God to do what he has desired to do.
  • We move forward with great humility because we realize that we are completely dependent on God.
  • We move forward with great confidence because the sovereign God of eternity is with us, and loves us, and has given us his Holy Spirit to empower us to do what he has called us to do. We know that he is with us, and that as we step out in faith amazing things happen because the Gospel carries with it the power of God!
  1. The vision will be fulfilled because we take our responsibility seriously.

Our part to play is that we work very hard at responding to God’s grace and call on us as a church by being faithful stewards of the vision, people and resources he has entrusted with us.

We are faithful stewards as we:

  • Seek to set up and work with the best systems and structures of running a church that facilitates mission, disciple-making and leadership development as best as possible.

Identify, train and release great leaders to lead and be a part of great church planting teams in the future.