Redeemer Stories: Phil & Sarah Varley

Phil and Sarah Varley
Nationality: British
Favourite food: Is it even possible to choose? The best we can do is give you a list a of favourites! An Indian curry, jerk chicken, rice and peas with a side of plantain and coleslaw, a lamb tagine or a roast with all the trimmings. Can you tell we love food?

1. Tell us a little about yourselves!

We have both lived all of our lives in the South Eastern part of the UK. The majority of that time has been in South-East London. We have been married for 25 years and have 4 amazing kids (who we love very much) and 1 dog (who us loves very much).

Our eldest 2 children are both at university in the UK and we miss them hugely. The youngest 2 and the dog are here in the Netherlands with us.

For the last 25 years Phil has been involved in leading and pastoring at Kings Church London and Sarah has done a variety of things including being a high school teacher, a full-time mum and working part-time for the church.

2. What brought you here to the Netherlands?

We knew God was moving us on from South East London and He spoke super clearly to us about coming to plant a church in Rotterdam. You can hear more of our story here:

 So we moved here in September 2021 to be obedient to what he had spoken.

3. What have you learned about God and who He is in this season?

So very much! He is so very kind, He pursues us with his goodness and kindness and he redeems and rebuilds things that have been broken

He knows our needs before we even say them and is so so good!

4. What are you thankful for?
We are thankful for all that we have learned about God in this season and that we get to be his friend. We are grateful for our families, for wonderful friends, for nature and for the kindness shown to us by so many since we have landed in the Netherlands.
5. How can we best pray for you and the Rotterdam church plant?
Well there are 4 things that come to mind:
  1. That God would continue to add people to the plant.
  2. That we would see people come to know Jesus.
  3. That we would make good connections with other churches in the city and find a great place to be able to meet.
  4. For our family and particularly our kids in this season of change.