Redeemer Stories: Meet the Danso family

Name:  Richard, Lolu, Kristin, Benjamin and Jeremiah Danso
Nationality: Ghanaian
Favourite hobbies: road trips and walks in the forest

  1. What does your day-to-day look like, particularly during the past year since the COVID pandemic?
    We are blessed with 3 wonderful children. So although the world seems to have slowed down the Danso household is still very busy. We work 4 or 5 days a week so most week days are a rush to get the kids to school and get to work. Due to the nature of our work, we need to be physically present at work most days of the week. At the end of the day we get to enjoy our evening as a family at dinner time. On Wednesdays we have life group at our home in Alphen aan den rijn. We are so happy that the restrictions have been slightly lifted. Since we are a small life group,it’s been nice to meet together again in person. We always look forward to the weekend when we get to be “lazy” after a busy week. We enjoy a Pyjama day as a family, movie night on Fridays, go out on a bike ride or work in the garden together amongst many other things.
  2. What have you learned about God and who He is in this season?
    In this season one of the lessons we have learned is that God is still working in peoples lives and doing big things despite the fact that we don’t get to see or hear testimonies as often as we did before the pandemic. Hearing testimonies of Gods faithfulness in peoples lives has always been a faith booster for us. Not being able to see people/other Christians as much as we used to and hear about how He is working on the lives of others made it sometimes difficult to believe and hold on in faith like we used to before the pandemic. As we have been able to be in contact with more people, we really see that God didn’t go on a break and He has been doing wonders in peoples lives. This has encouraged us to continue to have faith in God and hold on to His promises.
  3. How has it been for you to connect with others (friends, family) during this time of distancing?
    Our parents and siblings live outside the Netherlands so staying connected with them hasn’t really changed since the pandemic.Being a part of  Redeemer church, we have met friends that have become like family. Since we live quite far from Den Haag, we have really missed being around our friends from Redeemer and haven’t been able to stay connected or see as much as we love to.
  4. Do you have any stories of God answering prayer or breaking through in situations that you’d like to share?
    God gave us a breakthrough  and answer to prayers for our last born son.  For over a year he couldn’t sleep through the night… he woke up every two hours and this was very exhausting. But thank God now he sleeps much better at night and only wakes up once.
  5. What are you thankful for?
    We are thankful for Gods protection. On the 23rd of May we joined Malieveld prayer event in The Hague. Upon returning home we realized that we left the front door wide open. We are thankful that nothing was taken from the house. Praise the Lord!