Redeemer Stories: Meet Dietra

Name: Dietra Sober
Nationality: American
Favourite hobby: Exploring outdoors

What does your day-to-day look like, particularly during these COVID times?
I came to The Netherlands at the end of January 2020 to do a University exchange program in The Hague. Not long after, most international students returned home as all classes went online. I remained and continued my time in the Netherlands exploring all of what God had / has in store for me. The Redeemer community has been so crucial to me over the past year as nearly all of my relationships are from Redeemer.

What have you learned about God and who He is in this season?
I have learned that God hears me and provides for me abundantly. Being abroad with no family nearby, God has put people in my life and given me exactly what I need when I needed it. He has shown me Psalm 84, how lovely His dwelling place is, blessing those whose hearts are set on Him and how he graciously bestows favor and honor upon us. He is delighted in us as we are delighted.

What has it been like connecting with others (friends, family) during this time of distancing?
Having my life group during this COVID season has been such a source of much needed human interaction and care. Meeting when we can and getting together in smaller groups has been a key part to my joy here in The Netherlands. I have also been so blessed by people within Redeemer who have reached out to me though I had never met them in person! I am so thankful for the Spirit of Christ that forms a special bond and unites us. With my family back at home, I try to video call them. I am thankful for this technology because it makes me feel as if I am there with them.

How has God answered prayer or provided in situations recently?
I was praying for an opportunity to stay in the Netherlands over the summer. My student visa was due to expire at the end of October. I had applied for jobs / internships and about one week from the expiration of my visa I received a job through someone within Redeemer. Now I have been able to stay in the Netherlands and continue to grow alongside the Redeemer community. I am working with international students in housing and would love prayer for wisdom and to love them with the steadfast love of Christ.

What are you thankful for at this time?
I am thankful that God is not changed or held back by pandemics. I am thankful that His plans are not changed and that he has good and complete plans for us!

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