Newday 2015

If there’s a place where is a lot of laughter, where God is worshipped, where at least one water fight a day must be done, where there is given an incredible amount of money (£91.000 = €128.000 with 8.000 teenagers!), where waking up at half past 5 to get a shower seems to be normal, where talking to strangers is no problem and where loads of teens get to know Jesus…it is definitely NEW DAY!

Sunday morning the 2nd of august we loaded the van and headed to Hoek van Holland to get on the boat to the UK. After a long time on the boat and enjoying a sing-a-long-playlist with 6 teens singing (read: shouting) in the van for 2 hours, we arrived at Norwich, where for a whole week, Newday would be held.

Newday is a major youth camping event that takes place every summer for six days. In the mornings and evenings we had services with worship, teachings and seminars. In the afternoons we had time to relax and there where lots of sport games, boys and girls activities and concerts. We where teaming up with New Community Church from Sidcup which was great. To be in a group of about 50 teens was a great experience for all of us and gave us a longing for a youth group as big as that in The Hague.

For me personally it was encouraging to see that the teens where so enthusiastic about God and seeing them grow during the week. We also had the possibility to spend time with the teens personally, talking about life and God. Discipleship is one of the things I really like about being a teen leader and which is really important for them. Just to have someone, beside your mom or dad, who you can talk to about your relationship with God and the people around you, to pray with, to have a laugh or cry or just to see how they manage they’re life. This is also what Jesus did with His disciples.

It says in Timothy 2:2:”And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

To be used by God for this I think is one of the greatest privileges, especially with teenagers! Teens are full of life and dreams for the future and in that age decisions are made, which influences the rest of their life. To help them sort out tough questions, show them Jesus, help them in making decisions, and just be there for them, has always had my heart. That’s why I will start working for Redeemer from the 1st of September.