Mothers day 2015 – another way of loving women

My heart is filled with joy when I think back of all of you writing cards to women in the red light districts in the Hague. I am recalling the conversations with many of you asking me: “what do I actually write to a prostitute?” and me replying “what would you write on a card to encourage me?” – together realizing that these women are not prostitutes, they are women caught up in prostitution, yet still women, not different then you or me.

As I was reading the cards, just before handing them out, I felt tears welling up being touched that my church family was able to write this to women we meet: all your cards reflected so much of Gods love, hope and kindness and were written with so much integrity, bringing dignity to the receivers.

First of all we met Ina. She brightened up as she received the card telling her that she is loved and cherished. Further down the street we almost passed by a window with in the room four girls chatting together. We knew them by face but they rarely open the door to us, yet now, with cards in my hand waving at them, the curiousity won and they all received a card.

Another girl was here just for three weeks now and had a real hard time, she told us. We were happy to give her the card as an extra encouragement. Almost at the end of our outreach time we met Luna. I didn’t know her but she seemed excited to open the door for us. After chatting a bit, we gave her a card, which we had to translate for her. As we were reading it to her, telling her that God can do more then she can ever imagine and someone telling her to pray for her, she was visibly touched by it and suddenly opened up to us on a deeper level, sharing her dreams and plans for the future. The words were so destined for her!

It was such a joy to hand these cards out! Lots of cards were handed out without us knowing what the effect of it will be. But don’t underestimate the power of this true love being shown to those ones living in a world where the meaning of true love doesn’t exist anymore. Be sure of this, that, through you writing a card, the receiver met with the love and kindness from Jesus and you.

Gerdy Molenaar