His Loving Arms

In September, we as Redeemer will be supporting and organizing together with Stichting de Haven an event in reaching out to women in the red light districts of The Hague.
The team from De Haven, together with some of our women, will be handing out this photo in a frame to the women with a message about Jesus as a Shepherd, going after the one person.

For lots of these women their first response to being held in Gods arms might be shame and condemnation. YET, we love to bring the message of a loving Jesus! He who knows each one of ours and theirs life stories and circumstance. He who longs to hold all of us in His safe and loving arms.

There will be several ways to get involved:

  • Bring a photo frame
    • All of us can participate by bringing one or more unique photo frames. It is so special for a women to know that someone handpicked this gift for them.
  • Help with the wrapping of the frames
    • There will be a few occasions where there is the possibility to help wrap the gifts in a room of Stichting de Haven
    • This is a great opportunity to get the know the stichting and also to pray for them.
    • Please sign up here for the 15th16th of 17th of September.
  • Join the team as they go an hand this out.
    • This is something that is not for everyone, but some women will be able to help the team of stichting de Haven in bringing the gifts to the women and share the gospel.
  • Prayer! 
    • This is the most effective and easiest way to get involved.
    • Pray for the women that God will show them His perfect love that casts out all fear.