As a church we are called to be salt and light in the world – making the love and message of Jesus practically visible to people around us. 

For this reason we know that God’s desire is to see many people coming to know him in our city. We are in The Hague to display the abundant love of Jesus. 

This love sees, redeems, restores and brings wholeness. ‘Love The Hague’ is about bringing the good news of the gospel of Jesus to people in need in The Hague. 

This is done through spending time with people, serving them, helping out practically and by finding ways to build relationships through which we can show the love of Jesus in our deeds and words.


As a church we are privileged to work together with Stichting De Haven, Stichting Racham and Stichting the Beautiful Unseen in the area of bringing hope to the people women caught in the trap of prostitution. Also, we support the Salvation Army with their help to those who live in poverty. 

We have much ground to take in further working out what our engagement with the city will look like and we are currently working out the plan and strategy around this. Our intention and desire is to fruitfully partner with specific organisations that are bringing this hope in specific areas as well as grow in the specific work God has called us to as a church.



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