Redeemer Stories: Joseph and Racheal
(Our new Redeemer elder)

  1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. 
  • We are the Kiggundu’s originally from Uganda (which is also referred to as the Pearl of Africa. We wonder if anyone can dispute that). A very beautiful country with lots of nature. You need to visit Uganda. 
  • We’ve been married 11 years and have lived in the Netherlands for different periods of time i.e. for Racheal close to 5 years, for Joseph close to 4 years. We both love and are passionate about God.
  • We also love to have a good laugh at anything that’s funny – it’s such a stress relief.
  • Joseph is a lawyer by profession and Racheal an IT professional.
  • Joseph loves to cook and on a good day, can make you a nice meal depending on the mood.
  • Racheal loves to dance not forgetting something very important, she loves her sleep too. Any opportunity to laydown and have a good rest is always welcome. Also she is on a journey of discovering new hobbies.
  1. How do you know that God has called you to be an elder in Redeemer?

Before we left Uganda, God spoke clearly through a prophetic friend that he was specifically bringing me for church and not my legal career. I had no idea what that looked like seeing as I was coming from a very different context. But these years in Redeemer have been filled with God building community and family around us and in so doing, different people including the leadership have spoken into our lives. It’s been a journey for us, for myself laying career down as God spoke and for Racheal, realising she got married to a lawyer but he is now taking a different path. We do believe though that it is the road God would have us trek and we feel peace and lots of warmth and support from the wonderful church community.

  1. What has God put in your heart that you would love to see in us as a church?

God has put a couple of things in our hearts but two that we are passionate about are: the Bible becoming alive in our lives and the supernatural as a result of the Spirit of God having total leeway in ordinary peoples’ lives and empowering them for mission in their daily circles. Racheal also is passionate about families and about young girls walking in purity.