Is God not concerned about this great city?

Off course he is! 

Just a week ago we were in full swing of going out every evening into different places in our great city! In small groups we’ve been painting and fixing up places of people who didn’t have the means or people to do so; we cooked, dined, chatted and played games with homeless people at locations of the Salvation Army; cooked again and handed out delicious goulash soup to the women in the red light districts and others went evangelising on the streets of The Hague. It was a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus in words and deeds and be blessed ourselves by meeting new people and experiencing much joy as we reached out together to others.

Here are some quotes from people who joined with the outreaches:

“This evening of evangelism on the street was fun in doing it together and it gives me confidence as I can share the gospel and encourage people on the street, I can do this to my neighbours, friends and colleagues as well.”

“We hope to see you again sometime” and lots of “thank you’s” after an evening of cooking for homeless people and getting to dine with them, chat and play games… As one of our group described it: “we don’t have to come into this place wanting to change people but I hope that us being there might bring some comfort and hope in the moment.”

“Great night at the street with evangelism! We shared the gospel with many people, prayed for healing, encouraged homeless people and politicians.”

“I felt like those girls were just the same as us. Just with a different life that’s really difficult in different ways. I enjoyed talking to them a lot and they were really sweet and really broken. But not broken in a way that’s unfamiliar. It was good to be there.”

“It was fantastic to be with a group of Redeemer people serving in fixing up someone’s house. We were able to meet the woman and her son who lived in the house, and it was really fun working with others to make things look a lot brighter and more beautiful.”

What’s next?

What has God been speaking and revealing to you this last week as you joined with the outreaches or prayed for others going out?

What did you enjoy as you spoke to people or prepared food for the outreach?

What ideas are going on in your mind as you look back but even more, as you look forward and want to be involved in the city by sharing the love of Jesus to people around us.

Organisations have asked us to come back to do these activities again which is really great. It gives us an opportunity to move from a one time event into investing long term in people by building relationships and share the good news of Jesus through these kind of activities. Some of you have already shared other ideas for next steps and we will encourage you to gather some people around you as you continue to step out towards people and projects from last week.

Others of you might have been inspired by last week but have no idea how to continue on from here. In both cases, I want to encourage you to come and talk to us. Let us know what you think and where you’d like to step out and we will help you get in touch with the right people, organizations or gather a group from church to do something together.

Let’s encourage each other in reaching out together to bless the city in loving people with the love we have received from Jesus ourselves.