As a church we are excited to start a new Alpha Course!

Throughout the whole world, the Alpha Course has helped many to really get to know Jesus and to start their journey of faith. Through this blog we want to challenge you to invite your friends and family along. 

The #1 reason people come on Alpha is because someone invited them.

The first big question is: Who should I invite?
There are two ways to think about this:
1. Who do I already know?
You have a network of relationships that generally fall into four categories: friends, family, neighbors and co-workers/classmates.  Ask yourself these questions:
Who do I know on a first name basis? Who are people with whom I share a similar interest or participate in similar activities (soccer team, etc..). Who seems open or likely to respond to an invitation? Who doesn’t appear to have a relationship with Christ or attend a church?
2. Making the most of opportunities
God is always at work in people’s lives and he often directs us to people He is drawing His way. If we are willing and prepared there are all kinds of opportunities to invite.
The second big question then is: How should I invite?

Some suggestions:
Unless it is impossible, invite people to go with you to the Launch Party. People are more likely to attend Alpha if they arrive there the first time with the person who invited them. For example – “John and I are going to a relaxed launch Party of one of our courses in Café Pavlov and we would love for you to come with us.”

Be enthusiastic and positive about the opportunity. Think about how you would go about inviting someone out to a movie or baseball game. For example – “We have this really interesting event happening next Sunday-evening that I really think you would enjoy.”

See if you can connect Alpha to a need or interest. For example – “You mentioned that you were open to believe in something, but you were not sure how to find out more. We have this course at our church that can help you talk more clearly about these issues.”

Make it EASY
Try to make it as easy as possible to attend. Just invite them to Alpha Launch Event. Make sure the invitation has a “no strings attached feel.” Put yourself on an equal level with them – “I am going to check this thing out, would you like to come with me?”

Anticipate the BARRIERS
Make sure you think through barriers that might cause them not to attend:
• Getting there – Invite them to ride with you.
• Don’t know anyone else – Offer to go with them.
• Different faith background – Alpha is for everyone no matter what your faith background may be.


So think about people in your environment who you would love to see to get to know Jesus. Start praying for them. And ask God to open your eyes so that you will see the opportunities you have to invite them! Let us pray that Alpha will be used for many to get to know and encounter Jesus in a new way! What an exciting thing  for you to play a role in this!
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