Love The Hague

‘Love The Hague’ is about bringing the good news of the gospel of Jesus to people in need in The Hague. This is done through spending time with various people, serving them, helping out practically and by finding ways to build relationships through which we can show the love of Jesus in our deeds and words.

We want to see people in the city of The Hague encounter Jesus and see them come into the life and plans that God has for them.

We love being part of the wonderful city of The Hague and believe that God cares about the people of The Hague and wants to show Himself to them as we reach out to those around us in need.

How can I ‘Love The Hague’? What do we do?

We have been privileged to work together with Salvation Army, Stichting De Haven, Stichting Present, Straatpastoraat, AZC Rijswijk and others. These organisations help us to reach out to refugees, homeless people, women in prostitution, vulnerable and isolated people in society.

You can reach out, too! Here are some opportunities which are now on our radar.

At the asylum seekers center you can:
– organise ladies’ mornings

At the Salvation Army you can:
– prepare a meal together

For Stichting De Haven we:
– provide Christmas boxes for women in difficult circumstances

Together with Stichting Present we:
– help provide summer bags to help struggling families to have an enjoyable summer holiday

For Salvation Army we:
– Do a Christmas Shoeboxes drive for struggling families to bless them during Christmas time

As lifegroup you can:
– Do a group project organised by Stichting Present, e.g. DIY, gardening or social activities
– Find an elderly home in your neighborhood and ask how you can serve

For more information on how you can get involved contact our office at

Donations to charities 
– Clothes: find a Salvation Army ‘ReShare’ container closeby your home at or donate clothes at the ‘ReShare’ shop at Paviljoensgracht 35 in The Hague
– Furniture: the ‘Weggeefwinkel’ in The Hague receives donated goods to give on to people who are in need. The ‘Weggeefwinkel’ is located at Jonckbloetplein 24. Call beforehand to check on 0702052410

Informative websites
Foodbank The Hague
Daklozenloket (homeless desk) info
This website leads you to information about ‘sociale wijkzorg teams’ who are located throughout the city to help people with multiple serious problems. Access to these teams is found via the above mentioned service points.