Easter 2016

This Easter we are going to have a great time together as a church celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!
We will be having 2 family services in the Nieuwe Kerk, the first at 9.30 AM and the second at 11.30 AM.

During both meetings the kids will be in the service and a surprise is in store for the kids when they arrive so please could you bring them to the registration area before the service.

Practical notes

The first meeting there will be translation into Dutch during the whole meeting for those who would not find English accessible!

Doors are open from 9 AM and the service  start at 9.30 AM and will finish at 10:45 AM.

In between the meetings coffee, tea and some snacks are served.

The second service will start at 11.30 AM and end at 12:45 PM

There will a Creche area set up (NB: in the little room upstairs behind the stage) with some toys and a changing mat. There will not be any kids workers but you are more than welcome to use the room during the service.

Since we are expecting many people to be there, free parking spaces will be limited in the area. We advise to come by public transport if you can, and otherwise park the car in one of the parking garages close by.

If you are wondering how to get there or where to park the car, follow this link.

We are so looking forward to seeing you there!