Current Covid-19 safety guidelines

Sign ups

1. To enable us to keep a safe distance from each other, our maximum capacity will be lowered on Sunday morning services.
2. You need to sign up for Sunday services to attend. Due to the limited capacity, please sign up every 2-3 weeks so that every person has a regular opportunity to attend. But be sure to check on Sunday morning if there are spots available!
2b. Unfortunately we will not be meeting after 17:00, meetings that are later will happen digitally.
3. We advise you to take a self test before coming to church, and keep to all basic measures (stay at home when sick, go for tests and quarantine when you need to).


4. Please keep 1.5m distance from others. The coronapas/QR code will not be scanned for church attendance but to help keep each other safe, we will be keeping distance within the church building.
5. Everyone attending a service in Redeemer will have a fixed seat and we ask that you move about as little as possible during the service.
6. We want to pay extra attention to the vulnerable people or groups that want to attend the service. Please respect each other and their safety.

Face masks

7. There is a mask requirement that applies to many sectors. Although churches are exempt from this obligation, we do want to ask all churchgoers to wear a face mask when you are inside the building.


8. The Nieuwe Kerk is a large, drafty building and meets the standards for ventilation. For extra safety and ventilation, we are limiting the maximum capacity each Sunday and keeping the front doors open. Please be aware that it can get chilly when you are seated, so you may want to bring an extra warm sweater.

More information about the current government guidelines can be found at:

Updated on 19 Nov 2021