The Bible describes church as a body. In Christ, “the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work” (Eph 4:16). In a body each part has a unique function and the whole body benefits from each part doing its bit.

Exactly the same is true in church life.

You have gifts and talents that no-one else has. Those gifts can be a great blessing to the whole church! Whatever gifts and abilities God has given you are not ultimately just for you, but the for the building up of his body, the Church! One of the clearest ways of this outworking is getting involved in a Sunday serving team.

There are multiple teams at work every Sunday (and during the week) in Redeemer helping Sunday meetings to be able to happen, the kids to be served in great kids work, guests to be welcomed, drinks to be served after the meeting, etc, etc. Each team plays a vital role in our mission to making Jesus known in our great city.

Whether you are very clear on where God has gifted you, or you are not that sure yet, we would really encourage you to get stuck to a serving team. You will find that serving becomes a huge blessing to you because serving others is one of the best things that we can do!

If you would love to get involved, you can still sign up for a serving team by sending us an e-mail:

Below you find a couple of our serving team leaders sharing about their teams.


The Floor managers team exist to glorify God through being the first stepping into the Jordan river (building) carrying the Ark and the last to leave carrying the Ark. In other word, the team is there to make sure that the meeting goes smoothly by assisting and giving direction.

Contact: Joshua de Jong, lead Floor Manager


The PA-team is a team with dedicated people with a passion for music and God. It’s easy leading my team when everyone wants to make the sounds as good as possible. We’re arriving at church by 08:00AM, I don’t see this as a burden of being early but an extension of the time for worship.
Do you have a passion for music? We are always looking for new members for the team!

Contact: Pete Nieuwveld, leader of the Sound team.


A firm handshake and a friendly smile on a rainy Sunday morning, who could wish for anything else? First and foremost, the Welcome team is there to love people and make guests and family of Redeemer feel at home. Also, we inform, assist, invite, connect, sign up, and update. And in doing so we are trying to make sure that all our newcomers settle in well, so that we can connect them to our vision and invite them to take part in what is our greatest goal: The glorify God through living and sharing the gospel of Jesus. I have only just started, but all of the above makes me incredible excited about leading this team. If you want to grow in gifts of hospitality and in encouraging others come and join the team!

Contact: Esther Pot, leader of the Welcome Team


The set-up team is serving God and the church practically in setting up and down every Sunday morning for the service. If you’re a strong man/woman or are good at solving puzzles, you will feel right at home in the set-up team.

Contact: Rick Aalbers, leader of the Set-up Team


The Catering Team is a place for those who has the desire to serve in the house of the Lord by being accommodative, behind- the- scene- helping, smiley and friendly. We take care of the drinks and snacks for the chitchat gathering before and after the Sunday meetings, the Kids meetings of the church, the band members and the preaching (and hosting) team. The Catering Team has been known to be self-sufficient and well-oiled with a good team work between the weekly members.

The Redeemer Church is a community that desires its members to be connected well with one and another. There is always a space provided to share stories and have conversations after the Sunday sermons. The Catering Team makes sure that this space is accommodated with well-prepared drinks and snacks and is also cleaned afterwards. We do this with a pleasant and friendly attitudes as we come sincerely to serve this local church and by doing so also serving our Lord.

Contact: Roshel, leader of the Catering Team