Maastricht Church Plant

Redeemer International Church is expanding into the amazing city of Maastricht. We feel God is calling us to build a new Redeemer Church in this city. A number of people are already living in Maastricht and others are coming to join us.

We meet together on Sundays and have our prayer meeting on Tuesdays.

Maastricht is the most southern city of the Netherlands, and is the capital of the province Limburg, with strong Catholic traditions. It is located in between Belgium and Germany on the Mass river with Cologne (Koln), Brussels and Eindhoven just an hours. Maastricht is possibly the oldest city in the Netherlands.

The city is know for it’s architecture, old Roman buildings and the many Catholic churches, as well it’s fine cuisine, excellent shops, multicultural atmosphere and a great multitude of students and universities.

Only 0.5% of Maastricht’s residents say they have faith in Jesus and are regular church attendants of protestant and evangelical churches, in a city of 125,000 people.

Many churches whether Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical have sadly closed or have split. Maastricht used to be know as the religious city of the Netherlands, but church numbers are declining and churches are closing.

Now we have this great opportunity to be part of a vibrant, Jesus loving, Spirit filled, Word based and Gospel centered church in this beautiful city.
Wouldn’t it be great to join us in this adventure?
Together with God everything is possible. We believe many will be saved and a wonderful church will arise.

For more information, please contact Maarten & Lise de Lange at the following email address: or by phone +31 (06) 23 58 74 85