Brussels Church Plant

Redeemer International Church is partnering with New Ground in planting a church into Brussels! We are in the very early stages of the process but we are taking intentional steps towards starting a Gospel-centred and multiplying church in this great city.

Why Brussels?

Brussels, sometimes called “the heart of Europe”, is an incredibly significant international city. The Brussels-Capital Region houses 20 European institutions, 42 intergovernmental organisations, 20,000 lobbyists, nearly 1,000 foreign journalists and 5,400 diplomats. It hosts offices of the United Nations, the European Space Agency, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Labour Organisation and the World Bank – the list goes on. Over 1.1 million people reside in this diverse and multicultural city. One third of Brussels residents are non-Belgian; more languages are spoken overall than in any other city except London.

However, one third of its citizens live below the poverty line and youth unemployment exceeds 30%. The city is both cosmopolitan in its urbanism, and yet socially segregated in many ways.

From Brussels it takes only 2 hours by train to reach London and only 1½ hours to arrive in Paris. Amsterdam is also easily accessible from the city. It truly is a European crossroads.

Brussels has been on our heart for a long time, and as leaders in New Ground we have been praying for something to happen in the city for the last few years. Chris Taylor, and the team of elders in Redeemer International Church (The Hague) have, especially, felt a real burden to plant a church into the city.

The Way Forward

As we have considered our strategy to plant into the Brussels, we feel a strong need to ‘prepare the ground’ before we actually start the church. A successful church plant into Brussels will not happen because of our hard work or good strategy but by the power of God!

And as we prayed for the city, the church plant and for people with a heart for Brussels, we’ve seen God opening doors for people to move to the city. Since April 2017 a small group of people gathers regularly to build team and to worship and pray. This early phase of the plant is mainly a time of building friendships, discovering the city and its needs, and seeking His will for the city.

Now that a group of people is living in Brussels we become more aware of the needs. There are many lonely people, desperate for a sense of family. Jesus has made us a family and has called us to be a family to the people in Brussels. What a privilege He wants to use us to share the gospel and to bring love and hope to the people around us.

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