Mothers day 2015 – Another way of loving women

My heart is filled with joy when I think back of all of you writing cards to women in the red light districts in the Hague. I am recalling the conversations with many of you asking me: “what do I actually write to a prostitute?” and me replying “what would you write on a card to encourage me?” – together realizing that these women are not prostitutes, they are women caught up in prostitution, yet still women, not different then you or me.

As I was reading the cards, just before handing them out, I felt tears welling up being touched that my church family was able to write this to women we meet: all your cards reflected so much of Gods love, hope and kindness and were written with so much integrity, bringing dignity to the receivers.

First of all we met Ina. She brightened up as she received the card telling her that she is loved and cherished. Further down the street we almost passed by a window with in the room four girls chatting together. We knew them by face but they rarely open the door to us, yet now, with cards in my hand waving at them, the curiousity won and they all received a card.

Another girl was here just for three weeks now and had a real hard time, she told us. We were happy to give her the card as an extra encouragement. Almost at the end of our outreach time we met Luna. I didn’t know her but she seemed excited to open the door for us. After chatting a bit, we gave her a card, which we had to translate for her. As we were reading it to her, telling her that God can do more then she can ever imagine and someone telling her to pray for her, she was visibly touched by it and suddenly opened up to us on a deeper level, sharing her dreams and plans for the future. The words were so destined for her!

It was such a joy to hand these cards out! Lots of cards were handed out without us knowing what the effect of it will be. But don’t underestimate the power of this true love being shown to those ones living in a world where the meaning of true love doesn’t exist anymore. Be sure of this, that, through you writing a card, the receiver met with the love and kindness from Jesus and you.

Gerdy Molenaar

Redeemer Vision

How will the vision of Redeemer as a multiplying church be fulfilled?

Our strategy for fulfilling this vision has two central components that are both important. One component is that we trust in God’s sovereignty, and the other component is that we take our responsibility seriously.

  1. The vision will be fulfilled because God is sovereign.

Ultimately it is God who saves people and transforms people. It is God who builds his church, and provides all that is needed to fulfil the vision he has given us. In fact, everything good that happens is of his grace and we can take no credit for ourselves.

This has a number of important implications:

  • It is God who works through us to accomplish all that he desires. The pressure is not on us to perform. What a relief!
  • We are a people characterized by prayer. Prayer is a wonderful outworking of our trust in God to do what he has desired to do.
  • We move forward with great humility because we realize that we are completely dependent on God.
  • We move forward with great confidence because the sovereign God of eternity is with us, and loves us, and has given us his Holy Spirit to empower us to do what he has called us to do. We know that he is with us, and that as we step out in faith amazing things happen because the Gospel carries with it the power of God!
  1. The vision will be fulfilled because we take our responsibility seriously.

Our part to play is that we work very hard at responding to God’s grace and call on us as a church by being faithful stewards of the vision, people and resources he has entrusted with us.

We are faithful stewards as we:

  • Seek to set up and work with the best systems and structures of running a church that facilitates mission, disciple-making and leadership development as best as possible.

Identify, train and release great leaders to lead and be a part of great church planting teams in the future.

The Big Idea

What is the big idea behind Redeemer’s vision for the future?

Central to what has shaped our vision and strategy looking forward is a simple desire to spread the Gospel as far as we can. God loves people, and we want as many people around us to come to know of this love for themselves.

Our desire is to do what Jesus commanded his followers to do in Matthew 28:19-20:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

The original disciples obeyed Jesus by telling people about Jesus and starting local churches to disciple believers and facilitate mission. This is the model we want to follow.

Redeemer is on a mission to build a Gospel-centered and multiplying church in The Hague. In the years to come, we believe that God has called us to reproduce what is currently one church in the center of The Hague into multiple new churches in our city, cities around us, into major European cities, and perhaps beyond!

A goal that we are aiming for is that Redeemer would start 10 churches in 10 cities in the next 10 years.