Multiplying Church

An important aspect of being a multiplying church is that we need to be multiplying leaders!bram-en-lisanne

It has been so encouraging to see many new leaders emerging in all areas of the life of Redeemer. The Redeemer Eldership Team is completely committed to also seeing new elders come into place as we grow and multiply. It is therefore with great joy that we would like to propose Bram Kersten for eldership in Redeemer.

Bram and Lisanne have been a part of the church since the very start (in fact they were the first people who agreed to join the team that was to form the start Redeemer!). They are an excellent couple and have consistently shown a deep love for God, the church, people around them, and each other(!).

Bram is not perfect – we are not expecting him to be – but as we see the Biblical qualifications for eldership as spelled out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 we are happy that he meets the criteria necessary.

PJ Smyth helpfully points out four ‘parties’ that are involved in the appointment of elders. See what he writes about this below:

God: Paul reminds the elders in Miletus that is was the Holy Spirit that made them overseers (Acts 20v28), and of course all pastors and teachers have been given by Christ himself (Eph 4v11).

Apostles: On their first apostolic trip the apostles Paul and Barnabas appointed elders in every church (Acts 14v23), and we may assume that the Jerusalem apostles did the same in their region of churches (Acts 11v30). Paul commissioned Titus to appoint elders in every town in Crete (Titus 1v5), and he told Timothy and Titus the characteristics that would qualify leaders for oversight of local churches (1 Tim 3 and Titus 1).

Other Elders: Timothy probably became an elder when the company of elders laid hands on him (1 Tim 4v14), and common sense tells us that fellow elders play a key role in approving and accepting a new man into their team.

The Local Church: Due to the emphasis on an elder’s good reputation & respect, clearly the local church itself needs to approve the appointment of their elders.

(Used from ‘The World Needs More Elders’ by PJ Smyth)

Dave Holden (whom many of you know) is a man to whom we look to as a church for ‘apostolic’ leadership. Dave and his wife Liz know Bram and Lisanne well. They have been involved in this process for some time and are fully supportive of the elders decision to propose Bram for eldership.

Given that we have done this on Sunday 25 September, we are now in a period where we would love to hear your response as a church. It is very important to us that the people of Redeemer are behind this decision.

Please do come to us in the coming days and weeks to share what you think and what you may feel God speaking to you about, and ask any questions that you may have.

Gift Day

We have a GIFT DAY in Redeemer on 29 May 2016. These moments are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular monthly financial giving.

We want to inform you about the focus of this Gift Day (which actually has more then one focus!).

These are things that we want to give towards – in no particular order:

1. Expanding the capacity of the Nieuwe Kerk to be able to host more people on a Sunday.

Although we are not able to make massive structural adjustments, we are able to change the seating capacity in the church to enable us to fit in another 70-100 chairs. This will not cost money in itself but adjusting the audio visual set-up will cost about €12 000. Buying equipment to expand the capacity for more kids (and to improve the facilities of our present kids work) will cost a further €3000-€5000.

As we continue to grow, it is very likely that we will need to rent additional space for our kids out of the Nieuwe Kerk on a Sunday morning

2. Redeemer Delft congregation launch. 

We are so excited to see a fantastic team of singles, couples and families beginning to be formed for Redeemer Delft. Although we are not yet ready to start the congregation, we do want to start saving towards it. When you calculate salaries, venue hire, and equipment cost we are looking at a cost of about €140 000-€150 000 for the first year. Our resources are not going to make this ‘church plant’ a success (only God can do that, through the power of the Holy Spirit), but we do want to do all we can through being diligent in prayer, planning and saving towards it.

3. Serving the poor and the vulnerable in The Hague.

We believe that God has more for us than what we see at the moment in terms of our engagement into The Hague, and our serving of the poor and vulnerable in this city.

Although we have been blessed to be able invest money into partnering with others doing great things in the city, we are in the process of exploring what God has for us in this next season. We have already started saving money towards what this could mean in terms of a building to base serving projects in, as well as potentially being able to staff and support projects that are on our hearts’ as a church.

An added advantage of having our own building is that it would not only serve as a base of serving projects, but that it would also serve as a place for our staff team to be based in, and for us to host small and medium meetings in. Our present offices are now too small for much of what happens in the daily and weekly life of the church.

 4. Create a buffer.

The last few months have seen us ‘skate on thin ice’ in terms of monthly income matching monthly outgoing. We have seen regular giving increase dramatically over the last years, and God provide AMAZINGLY. This means that we are currently in a position where we are not in debt.

Also, when we set budgets a number of months ago, we had planned towards monthly shortfalls for a season knowing that we were taking future-focused steps of faith.

Our aim is absolutely to be in a place where monthly income exceeds monthly outgoing, but at the same time we want to be able to make vision shaped budget decisions and investments. It would be good to know that we have something of a ‘buffer’ in place while we still pray for God’s provision through increased regular income.

What does this mean for you?

Please be in prayer this week about what God wants you to give. Let’s be a church that ‘excels in the grace of giving’ (2 Cor 8:7)!

If you have any questions about general financial giving in Redeemer (practicalities, beliefs, etc.), please feel free to chat to any of the leaders at any time.

Also, have a look at this page for some of the basics and practicalities of giving within Redeemer.

Why intern at Redeemer?

KimIf you had told me this time last year that I would be sharing an apartment, budgeting, shopping and cooking for myself in The Hague, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But it’s true! Yesterday, as I cycled across the bridge stretching over Den Haag Central Station, all I could do was praise God for the incredible opportunities that He has given me as a result of interning here with Redeemer Church.

As an intern I have experienced growth and blessing in three main areas: my personal life, my relationship with God and my relationship with those around me. Within the first two weeks of being at Redeemer, I went Brussels, Belgium for a prayer day in preparation for the new church plant and I went to Sidcup, England for a New Ground prayer conference. Both encouraged and matured me in my walk with Christ. So, not only do you get a front row seat (literally!) at all the events and conferences that Redeemer is involved in, but you as a person are changed and encouraged in your faith in new and exciting ways.

Growth in my personal life has come from several different experiences, the most significant being when I stayed with Chris and Karin Taylor for the first month of interning. I loved being a part of a Christian family and seeing how family-life played out. I learnt incredible lessons from traveling in trams (at night!) to being confident in who I was even though I was in a new environment. The responsibility of having a budget and then shopping according to it is also something that has had a significant impact on me. As an intern, you definitely get that increased sense of responsibility but with it also comes freedom. It is an incredible time of your life though it’s not all easy, which leads me to my third point: relationship with friends.

In the office, there are a lots of different faces and personalities constantly coming in and out but all have the same genuine, God-given love and care for each other. If you are facing a problem or challenge, you are never alone – there are always people around you encouraging, helping and praying for you. From the first time I walked into the office, I immediately felt a part of this team that works to bring the Gospel message to the people of The Hague and beyond. From lunchtime to the weekly staff team meetings, there is a constant stream of banter and joshing as well as a deeper focus on being members of the body of Christ. The discussions and topics discussed are always thought provoking and I can guarantee you won’t leave unchanged.

From maturing in my walk with Christ and my personal life to the feeling of community, interning at Redeemer has been an incredible blessing and a significant time of change and growth. Even if it’s only for a few months, this experience is one-in-a-million!


For those looking to take a year out to serve the church full-time and gain theological training, Redeemer runs New Ground Impact. Impact is for people who want to become dangerous Christians – people who want to see something they’ve never seen before, by doing something they’ve never done; people who want God to shine through everything they do; people who want to grow.
If you’d like to find out more about Impact, check out the following link.

Redeemer is Multiplying!

In recent months, we have spoken much about the call of God on Redeemer to multiply. We need to think bigger than simply one church with one Sunday meeting in the centre of The Hague.

This is the first in a series of blog entries on what ‘multiplication’ means for us in Redeemer.

God has been so graceful to us these last 5.5 years of Redeemer’s existence. We have seen people becoming Christians, lives being transformed by the Gospel, a vibrant, diverse and growing community coming together, and a fantastic church beginning to be established.

We want to play our role fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’ that Jesus gave his disciples (and all Christians!) in Matthew 28 v16-20. The best way that we can see this happening is by starting new churches in cities to which God calls us.

Redeemer is moving towards three clear applications of multiplication in this next season. We are pursuing the possibility of having two meetings in the Nieuwe Kerk on a Sunday morning, we are starting a new church in Delft, and we are in the early stages of preparing for a church ‘plant’ into Brussels.

We will be sharing much more information about the new church in the coming weeks but here are three ‘Q and A’s’ to get you started…

Shouldn’t we rather strengthen and fill the existing churches first rather than planting more churches / venues in places where there are other churches?

Answer 1: New churches are the best way to reach new generations, new residents in cities, and new people groups. Studies show that newer churches attract these new groups 5x’s better and faster than older churches do. This is because new churches have the following advantages over old churches:

    • – They are generally more orientated to grow through reaching the lost.
  • – The tapestry of relationships is looser, less cliquey, and consequentially easier for 
newcomers to make friends.
  • – There is a greater need for leadership/serving positions to be filled.
  • – There are no traditions and so they can easily experiment.

Answer 2: New churches are a highly effective way to help revitalize older churches and help the overall body of Christ by showcasing new ministry forms and ideas that would not have been adopted in older churches. New churches help create an ‘it can be done’ mind-set in older churches. Furthermore, they help provide new converts in the city that find their way to older churches.

Answer 3: Some churches are beyond the point of re-invigoration and therefore it is unwise to use resources to ‘strengthen and fill them’. New wine in old wineskins usually splits the old wineskin, not blesses it.

Answer 4: New churches help older churches check their motives and renew their commitment to reaching unbelievers rather than worrying about whether some of their believers might relocate to the new church. When we are short of people who are not Christians in the world, then churches can start being competitive.

Answer 5: More localities and styles of church means more hooks in the water to catch fish.

(Note: Thank you to PJ Smyth for helping to shape these answers!)

Does this mean older churches don’t have a place?

Not at all. But it is a provocation for older churches to continuously reinvent themselves, either through planting, or through a continuous and rigorous commitment to gospel-centric, missional living.

As Redeemer starts churches in new places, our desire is to be a blessing to other churches already in those places. We are only ever a part of God’s church, and therefore only a part of what he is doing in any one place at one time. One day we will be ‘an older church’ and another new church will be starting close to where we already meet. I hope in that day, we will be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Also, we have no desire to ‘steal’ Christians from other churches. Our main focus has and always will be reaching people who are currently far away from God.

If Redeemer is starting churches in other cities, does this mean that our work in The Hague is done?

No! Not by a long shot! As long as people in The Hague are living without Jesus, and kids are growing up in broken families, and people are going to bed hungry, and marriages are breaking up, and women are caught in the grip of sexual exploitation, and people are lonely and isolated, etc. etc… Redeemer’s work will not be done in this city. In fact, the work for Redeemer in The Hague is just beginning.

The future for Redeemer in The Hague is an exciting adventure of learning to better share and live out the Gospel in this great city.


In the month of Jan, Redeemer is going through a preaching series entitled ‘Purpose’. These five weeks are designed to help you discover God’s purpose for your life, and his purpose for us as a church.

We are going to be talking a lot about the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that God puts in our hearts, and how to move forward into all that he has for us.
I would really encourage you to buy in for all 5 weeks because one week builds into the next. It could be a life changing month for you!
Click here for  the latest recordings.

Willem’s Challenge

Within Redeemer we have a wide variety of people, from different nations, different backgrounds and different opportunities. God brings us together to be one family!
Willem Hennevelt, you may have seen him, wearing his wide hat, is one of them.
What some of you may not know, is that Willem is homeless but has a big dream, restoring an Swedish old pilot sloop. Living without facilities, working hard to restore the sloop back into usability.

The way ahead for Willem is to strengthen the structure with recycled HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene).

For the outworking of this plan Willem will need a lot of HDPE, a plastic widely used in containers, like milk, shampoo’s etc. (at least 10 kg = app. 250 milk jugs!). Since he is not able to collect enough material by himself, he requests our help in collecting HDPE.  We all come a across this material, probably not recognizing its recycling abilities and disposing this all with our waste materials. Would we stand behind Willem in his challenge and take part in collecting our HDPE containers and passing these on to Willem. Are you willing to participate in this project, please start to collect this material. You are able to recognize the material, with a HDPE2 logo (triangle with number 2) often at the bottom of the jug.HDPE2

As Redeemerchurch we will collect the materials Sunday 10 January. Please rinse/clean them before bringing them to church.

To see Willem on national television, click here.