To glorify God through living and sharing the gospel (good news) of Jesus.

We exist for the glory of God
The Bible is so clear on this; all things ultimately exist for the glory of God. As a church we do not exist for our own fame, or so that people would look at us and be impressed. No organisation, group, or individual can ever be worth ‘glorifying’ in the same way as God is. Our deepest longing is that as a result of coming into contact with us as a church, people would encounter God, worship and love him.

Living the Gospel of Jesus
The Gospel of Jesus is the message of Jesus. It is the grand narrative of the Bible. It is the heart of God for people from eternity past to eternity future. The Gospel never grows old, and we never move past it – just deeper into it.
The Gospel has to be lived because it is all-encompassing for the Christian. The Gospel has implications for every area of life, and therefore we live in such a way as individuals and as a community that shows the message of Jesus.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus
The Gospel of Jesus has to be shared in words because words are powerful! We love the Word of God. We want to be a church where the message of the Jesus is clearly heard as it is preached about and talked about.