Life Groups

What is a Life Group?
Redeemer is not just a Sunday meeting. The Bible is clear that church is not about meetings, or buildings but about people. Central to who we are as a church is the belief that our faith gets worked out in community, during real life. Redeemer Life Groups are a key part of this process, providing small contexts where we are able to study the Bible, chat, pray, share, cry, eat and laugh, with other people who love Jesus. Whether you are a Christian or a sceptic, you are welcome to attend one of these groups in or near your area of the city.

Archipelbuurt Bastiaan and Elodie Wednesday at 20:00
Bezuidenhout Jelle and Dineke Wednesday at 19:30
City Centre John Wednesday at 19:30
Voorburg (Family Group) Josh and Gerlinde Saturday at 10:30
Haagse Hout Richard and Lolu Monday at 20:00
Leidschendam Family Group Craig and Rachel Wednesday at 19:30 Fortnightly
Regentessekwartier Bart & Lauren Wednesday at 19:30
Rijswijk Tobias and Gediene Wednesday at 19:00
Students (Hague Centre) ? Wednesday at 19:00
Ypenburg 1 Andreas & Charlotte Wednesday at 19:30
Ypenburg 2 Kees and Dineke Wednesday at 20:00
Zeeheldenkwartier Dustin and Caitie Tuesday at 19:30
Zuiderpark Babak and Natalie Friday at 19:30
SPECIAL FOCUS Prayer Katherine Tuesday at 19:00

If you are keen to join in, or to find out more. Please send an email to